Thursday, March 10, 2011

To-Do Lists

So today is an early one. I've got LOTS on my crochet to-do list this week.

I am putting together a pack of 42 samples of my apple cozies for one of my Etsy Teams, TradeAHolics. We are all donating samples to send to one another in a Promotional Swap. Thought, it's too late to be involved in this particular trade, there are always many of us on the team to trade with. Join us!

Then I've got a scarf, a couple of bags, a couple dozen more cozies, a dog sleeping mat, a gingham yoga mat blanket and a couple of new hat styles to create. I get to make a newsboy cap, and a childrens' argyle beanie in the next few weeks. I am looking forward to giving those two hats my own style look. I love how argyle turns out, and I hope I can work out the math for make the hat perfectly on the first try! Or at least without getting too far along to do it too many times before I'm happy. I might try a couple of different styles. One style I am thinking about is a row of diamonds around the band of the hat, and the other is with smaller diamonds that run through more of the hat's entirety.

Here are some photos of the previous argyle projects I've worked on. The first in green and browns was my first sample piece and the matching hat I attempted (and never finished out of frustration) before I moved on the bigger blue/green yoga mat blanket.

While I spend the rest of today crocheting apples like there is no tomorrow, I will be thinking about tomorrow, and all of the crocheting I will be doing then too! I'll sit down soon and do the math for this fun little hat, and I'll be sure to show off the results in the coming weeks!

Recently, I've taken to creating to-do lists for everything. I've got a crochet project to-do list, a what to list on my Etsy list, what paperwork I need to update, and I feel like I am always writing something down. They have been a big help in letting my focus on getting things done, and to have some inspiration for future ideas for crochet projects, and color schemes, as well as places to network and elements to add to my business in the future. Next post will include some of the ideas I've got for the future, as well as an overview of how things have been going in the past and into the present.

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