Saturday, September 3, 2011

Board Games Make Me Happy!

Day 3 Blog Challenge Topic: Top 5 Favorite Board Games

My brothers and I LOVE to play board games! We have game nights as often as we can. When we were all local to each other, we'd usually get together once a month or so to play. We all especially seem to be fond of card games.

Monopoly Deal
Texas Hold'em Poker
Trivia Games

Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 2 Blog Challenge

How many languages do you speak?

Californian, West Coast, Cajun, and New York (when I say coffee or bagel) English.

And 2 years in HS and 2 more terms of Spanish in college. I usually listen to comprehend more often than I attempt to speak it. Working in a kitchen in Oregon, many of the crew were Hispanic. The funnest word we said to each other? Vanilla! VaniLa in English is vanEEYa in Spanish. We used to go back and forth until we were both giggling. "Read this word," ~pointing at a jar label~ "Vaneeya" Still makes me smile. That was a fun crew.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sept 1 - Me and My Day

A photo of myself: I got my hair cut back to short just last week.

Today was my second day of 'training' at the new Wheat Montana Bakery and Deli that's opening at the travel plaza I work at! I bartend on the weekends, and will be adding another shift or two in the deli on campus. It should be fun. We didn't do much learning; we did lots of cleaning, and getting the building ready for final inspection before opening. Tomorrow we start up coffee training (hopefully I can learn Something. I've been through all the the Starbucks training, so I suspect I'll be helping more than learning).

I also got drafts for my new business cards! I recently opened where I've been moving all of my health and fitness items from One side of the card will be dedicated to SC and the other to HH. Here's the draft. Near final. Comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated!