Thursday, March 24, 2011

Expansion Across the DubDubDub Universe

Time to expand and see how other sites might work for sales. I've opened the studio on AF, and now I've added a spot on BigCartel and on Storenvy. So far, in the week I've been on these three sites, I personally like Storenvy best! BigCartel is not quite right for my items, and ArtFire just doesn't feel easy to navigate and use.

I will continue to add listings on Storenvy and wait and see how things go. I am running a special on Storenvy! Yoga20 coupon code gets your 20% off your purchase, and if you give me some feedback about the Storenvy checkout experience, you'll receive a free apple cozy or soap saver in the color scheme of your choice!

Storenvy allows me to sell an item with all of its options in one listing, so this might be just what I was looking for when I was debating how to reassess my sales of apple cozies. I can set the color of apple and then give options (like sizing in many other online sales) of leaf colors. I am looking forward to seeing if that makes things easier or more difficult to navigate for the customer. I really like the sections layout in Storenvy, too. Haven't hit a limit, nor do I have to leave a listing in just one category. I can leave a custom yoga mat bag in both custom and yoga sections. Love that!

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