Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trades Make Me Happy

I am a member of Etsy TradeAHolics and LOVE to trade on Etsy. As my best friend is having a baby girl this summer a few weeks before my brother and his wife are to have a little boy, most of my trades have been for all kinds of awesome baby and new Mom items. Here are some of my favorite items that I've traded for.

Some of the most recent ones have been just for Me. I got this great little black skirt, that I have worn every day over 50 degrees since I got it. I created a custom yoga mat bag and she's pretty darn happy with it. This picture of her with her new bag made my day!  Troblin sells vintage items, and I got a couple of fun white jackets to wear this summer, too.

Hopefully my brother and sister in law don't read my blog yet, b/c I've been doing a BIG bundle of felt food for their son to be, Ian. My brother is a chef, and so I thought they should have the best play food around. Being from the Northwest, and enjoying Swedish meatballs so much, I knew they'd appreciate these pieces from Tatestastees which include a fondue set, avocado, salmon steak, and sushi set. The last photo is of two of the scarves in the bundle she received. Mom and Son matching granny length set.

Some more of my favorite trades included lotion candles from JazzyCustomCreations, and Awesome giant project/shoulder bag and infinity scarves from LoveKnots4Baby, (I've not had it farther than a few feet from me since I got it), and wonderful hibiscus passion body frosting from BubbleTub.

Some other shops I'd like to mention for you to check out:
Pugs2Persians: Wonderful shop with high quality leashes, collars, and poo bags.
TheWeeShelf: Lolo, MT based vintage shop
HoneyBeeHolistics: Offers lovely soaps, creams, and teas, including a gift set perfect for new Mothers
LoobieLabels: Where I got these fun baby sock sushi sets
BetterLifeBags: Customize in the style and fabrics of your choice. Below is most of my set.

I have gotten many great items, but there are so many wonderful shops in our trading circle that I can't list them all. Please feel free to join us if you have an Etsy shop, and share your handmade items with the world, one shipment at a time.

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